Cyber Security Services That Keep Your Data & Systems Safe

Cybersecurity is a growing concern for businesses worldwide. The impact cybercrime has on your business could be detrimental, resulting in revenue loss, reputation damage, business disruption, productivity loss and equipment damage. While there are many forms of cyberattacks, the top 3 affecting Australian businesses are phishing, ransomware and malware.

No matter your business size, everyone, especially small-to-medium businesses, are at risk and need cybersecurity solutions. Although you may think “they won’t go for me when they can attack larger organisations for a greater return”; this is a big misconception. Cybercriminals don’t discriminate. They prefer to target smaller business as they are likely to have a weaker cybersecurity defence.

Our cybersecurity solutions in Cairns and Townsville can help in 3 ways:

Strengthen User Cyber Awareness

Reduce Risk

Safeguard your Data & Systems

Cyber Awareness Training

Did you know 97% of data breaches were the result of phishing attacks on Australian business in 2019?

Every day we receive countless emails and are faced with the chance of receiving malicious attacks. And with cybercriminals continually evolving and creating new ways to attack your business, are you confident your team are aware of the warning signs and can keep up?

We’re all human, but when trained on cybersecurity and having greater awareness, your employees can be one of your best defence measures against cyber threats.

Through our comprehensive Cyber Awareness Platform solution, your business will receive ongoing training, simplified policy management and behavioural risk scores – enabling you to mitigate your organisation’s cyber risk.

What’s Included


Cyber Security Awareness Training

Drive cybersecurity awareness with user-tailored training.


Phishing Simulation Software

Determine user vulnerability to sophisticated phishing attacks.


Email Account Exposure Check

Identify and safeguard exposed employee email accounts.


Policy Management Software

Simplify policy management and ensure user acknowledgement.

Risk Score

Behavioural Cyber Risk Calculator

Understand your organisation’s human cyber risk.

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    EBOOK: Your Ultimate Guide for Driving Employee Cyber Security Awareness

    With the rise of cyber threats, your business and people need to be prepared. Follow 6 simple steps outlined in our eBook and provide your people with a pathway for success to improve your cyber security today.

    eBook Drive Cyber Awareness Website

      Cyber Security Solutions for Small Business

      Cyber-attacks pose a far greater threat to small businesses, so as you’re the most vulnerable, it’s crucial you take every opportunity to increase your company’s protection. Besides training, the Future Computers cybersecurity consultants can advise you on the best cybersecurity services available for your business needs.

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