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Telstra Business Broadband on ADSL and NBN (SOHO to Small Business)
Telstra Business Broadband or more commonly written as TBB is a product class that can be delivered on the ADSL network or over the new NBN network.

Telstra plans are ideal for businesses needing one dedicated broadband service or an additional service at the same or separate site.

From basic online search and email, through to accessing critical applications that run online services like video conferencing; choose from a range of plan sizes to suit your needs.



Telstra Internet Direct (Small to Medium Business)
If the internet is vital for your business, drop outs or slow data can have serious impacts when it stops your people working or turns customers away.  You need a dedicated, stable and secure internet service with superior performance and that comes in the form of Telstra Internet Direct (TID). 

Telstra's Internet Direct (TID) is a great solution for small to medium business that require access to business critical applications over a secure, direct internet access.  TID is one of Australia's most powerful and reliable internet solutions. Telstra combines a superior and secure network with exceptional support to help ensure high-speed, always-on operations.

Telstra has more access points than other Australian providers, which will connect you to more places. Plus, our high-capacity network has full redundancy and inbuilt security.  You can choose from a wide range of carriage types, speeds, usage and pricing, as well as the option of IPv6 addressing and additional services to match your needs.
Telstra IPWAN (Medium to Large business)
If you want a simple and secure data connection between business sites,  Telstra IP WAN is the ideal solution.

Whether your business is large or small, you can link offices to many locations across the nation with Telstra's enterprise-grade virtual private network. You can also access more than 230 countries via their global IP virtual private network.

IP WAN connects easily with your existing data network and lets you quickly add sites as your business grows. Better still, you can select a different access type at each site depending on applications used, required bandwidth, geographic coverage, service performance and budget.

As a further advantage, IP WAN integrates seamlessly with the optional IP Wireless solution based on the Telstra Next G® network. This provides secure, high-speed mobile broadband connectivity to your applications while your staff are on the move. It’s just as easy to add other optional services to improve security and efficiency, or adopt new and more productive ways of working.
AirBridge Networks
We have developed a product set under our AirBridge Networks brand that connects 'Point to Point' or 'Point to Multi-Point' services.  By creating a layer 2 wireless bridge between sites we can extend your Local Area Network (LAN) to buildings or sites that may not have been servicable in the past and carry Internet, Data, Voice and Video.

Our system scales to suit the environement you wish to create from a simple point to point network right through to a carriage network across long distances. 

Telstra has been providing the main fibre lines into remote communites in the the top end of Austrailia and we are providing the spread of services to our clients sites and buildings to provide enterprise class services to remote areas of their businesses.

Technologies included are:
  • Wireless backhaul (Gigabit Fibre)
  • Layer 2 Bridging (Outdoor)
  • Enterprise LAN WIFI (indoor/Outdoor)
  • Switching and Routing
  • Video Surveillance
  • VOIP Technologies
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